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Experienced Rust engineer



Software Engineering
Posted on Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Software Engineer (Rust)

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About Polybase

Polybase is a decentralized privacy preserving database (essentially a zk-rollup, with native indexing and storage).

Your traits

Expert level Rust, our tech test is very hard to pass (you better be good with threads and lifetimes 😅)
Seriously, only apply if you’re top 1%
And want to work with people who are also top 1%
You love solving really hard problems and want to work on something meaningful and challenging
You work best with autonomy, you want to be left alone to get on with it (we have only one meeting a week)
You want be an active part of decision making and be given time to work on your ideas
You want to get in early with a start up to convert your hard work into maximum equity / upside
You have an open source project you’re working on, or contributing to one
You are proactive and have read the Polybase whitepaper


Experience with compilers
Experience building (not using) distributed systems
Mathematical or cryptography background
Understanding of low level computer science primitives (vm, heap, stack, memory allocation, etc)
Experience optimising performance

The role

We're rebuilding the database from the ground up. Things you could be working on:
Compiling from our native language Polylang to Miden VM (a zk vm language)
Consensus protocol (we have our own implementation)
Merkle Tree rollup
Indexers (we use rocks-db under the hood)
P2P communication using libp2p
Optimizing performance of archictecture


Remote (worldwide, any timezone). Europe and US East Coast timezones preferred.