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🛂Passage Protocol - Protocol / Blockchain Engineer

Passage Protocol

Passage Protocol

Software Engineering
Posted on Friday, June 2, 2023

Passage Protocol - Protocol / Blockchain Engineer

Passage supplies the building blocks to help crypto communities become high performing, on-chain membership programs.

🚀 What we do

At Passage, we are building the membership engine behind next-generation communities of leading NFT collectives, DAOs, Social Tokens, DeFi projects, and consumer dApps. (We’re also the go-to protocol for brands that want to migrate or extend into Web3). We believe that communities are the engine that runs crypto - and Passage is the engine that runs communities.  Join us to build the infrastructure and tools for a new generation of Web3 projects.

💻 Who we're looking for

Intellectually curious individuals who are passionate about the crypto space and the opportunities it unlocks.
Quick learners who are comfortable building and iterating in a rapidly changing environment. You understand the delicate balance between moving fast but also creating reliable systems.
Owners who are organized, and accountable. You’ve designed, built, scaled, and maintained production services before.
Thought partner to our founding team — help drive our protocol strategy. Excited to push the limit of primitives & set new standards, and guide our journey across chains & ecosystems.
Recommended Experience
Solidity experience with production quality code & deploying smart contracts to mainnet
Understanding of standards like ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155 tokens
Ethereum libraries (ethers.js)
Typescript & surrounding web3 tooling
Extensive familiarity with Layer-2 technologies
Bonus points
Previous experience with DeFi app infrastructure/protocols/cryptography
Have founded, led, or made significant contributions web3 projects in the past
Are in or can easily get to Los Angeles, CA
💝 We offer competitive compensation packages (salary + equity / token) and benefits including health, dental, and more!
Interested? ➡️ Email josh@passageprotocol.xyz