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Head of Growth & Ops



Sales & Business Development, Operations
Posted on Friday, June 2, 2023

Head of Growth & Ops

Luabase is the modern data stack for web3 teams. We make it easy to query any blockchain with SQL, analyze it in notebooks, and embed the data in your app with our API. You can learn more about the product here or read our post here.
We’re looking for a Head of Growth & Ops to help us grow Luabase and build our company infrastructure.
Email me to join.

What you’ll be doing at Luabase

Owning the top of funnel for Luabase
Running growth experiments that drive users to trial Luabase
Doubling down on experiments that work
Manage our pipeline
We have a bottoms up motion, but we should be selling into promising companies that sign up organically
Analyze blockers for customers and guide our roadmap to solve these problems
Establishing and expanding partnerships
We’ve already built two amazing partnerships with Quicknode (the top web3 infrastructure company) and Forta (the top threat detection company in crypto). We need to build on this success and create a playbook to land dozens more.
Building and owning our internal ops tooling (e.g. CRM)
RevOps & Pricing
Analyze product usage and shape our pricing strategy
Own our Stripe account
Create and own our P&L
Setup and manage accounting thru a partner like Pilot


You know SQL (or will learn it) and you like it. Both because our product is so heavily dependent on it and because it’s the best way to understand what’s happening with our customers.
You understand working at a seed stage startup requires wearing a lot of hats and you’re not afraid to roll up your sleeves and destroy problems. We don’t say “thats not my job” here, we get shit done.
You’re comfortable hiring and delegating for areas outside your expertise (e.g. SEO) or that are low leverage

Not requirements

This is not a sales role, so we don’t expect to see “Sales” in any of your past job titles. But see the “thats not my job” note above. You shouldn’t shy away from talking to customers, we do a lot of that here.
Knowledge of SEO at a deep level (e.g. should the H1 for this post be x or y), but you need to be able to hire and manage people that love that stuff
Write a lot of technical content (we already have people here that are technical and great writers)
Write production code (we don’t expect you to be a python dev, but as noted above, you’ll be writing some SQL)