Gelato is Web3’s decentralized backend empowering builders to create augmented smart contracts that are automated, gasless & off-chain aware.

Leading Web3 projects rely on Gelato to power the execution of millions of transactions across DeFi, NFT and Gaming.

Join our team and work directly with the founders to build the future of web3 infrastructure. Enjoy a lot of perks, travel with us to cool events, and participate in amazing off-site retreats with the team!

Our mission

Gelato’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of web3 technology to create a more transparent & democratic digital life for humanity. Our impact is measured by the time saved to achieve global adoption of web3 applications..

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Who you are:

Calling all Web3 Growth Hackers! We are looking for someone with 1-3 years of experience to join our team and take our growth to the moon. You live and breathe Web3 growth hacking and you're a boss at coming up with clever strategies to skyrocket our social media presence. You know how to get people pumped and can communicate your ideas like a pro. If you're the kind of person who eats, sleeps, and dreams about Web3 growth hacking, we want you on our squad.

What we offer:

  • A fully remote team with team members in Zug, Paris, New York, Berlin, and many other cool places
  • Join the "Gelato Legendary Member Club" and work directly with the founders
  • Participate in building the infrastructure that aims to become the glue between all crypto networks and power the most promising dapps on Ethereum and beyond
  • Generous Token Package - Get a share of the network's token and be able to participate in the Gelato DAO
  • Chance to participate in shaping the future of web3 by working together with the biggest projects in this space, such as MakerDAO, Connext, Quickswap, etc.
  • Worldclass Investors - We are backed by top class VCs and Angels including Dragonfly, Galaxy Digital, ParaFi, Gnosis, Stani Kulechov and many more!

What you'll accomplish:

  • You know what's up in the Web3 world and can develop and implement social media growth tactics that fit the culture and lingo. We need someone who can make our brand stand out and make our community grow.
  • You're a creative genius when it comes to content creation. You can come up with ideas, create high-quality content, and publish it across platforms like Twitter, Discord, Telegram, blog, and newsletter.
  • You're always on top of the latest trends and developments in the Web3 space. You know what's hot and what's not, and you can create timely and relevant content that speaks to our audience.
  • You're a data nerd who loves to analyze metrics, trends, and competitor activity. You know how to use this data to inform and improve your own strategies.
  • You can build and grow our ambassador community from scratch. You'll create a rewards program, onboard new members, organize online meetups, create local hubs, and lead our merchandising efforts.
  • You're a communication pro. You can effectively communicate with the team and stakeholders through various channels, including email, chat, and video calls.
  • You're always hungry to learn and improve. You're continuously expanding your knowledge of social media marketing, Web3, and cryptocurrency.


  • You gotta be fluent in all things Web3 - the culture, the lingo, and everything in between. We need someone who can craft messaging that'll turn heads and turn impressions into followers.
  • You gotta know your way around the Web3 social media scene. We're talking Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and Newsletter - you name it, you can ideate, build, and execute killer growth tactics that make us stand out from the crowd.
  • Your communication skills need to be on point. Whether you're chatting it up with the team or crafting content for our followers, you know how to get your point across.
  • We need someone who's got the flexibility and adaptability to keep up with the fast-paced world of crypto. You're down to adjust your schedule to engage with the community and make things happen.
  • And hey, if you've got prior experience in a Web3 startup or similar environment, that's definitely a plus.


  • Work very autonomously
  • Generous GEL token package
  • Competitive Salary
  • Work together with one of the best technical teams on Ethereum
  • Build relationships with top blockchain teams which are already Gelato users, including MakerDAO, Optimism, Pancakeswap and many more
  • Chance to travel the world to go to exciting events and connect with key players in this industry

Don't fit the requirements perfectly? No sweat. We're all about assembling a diverse, passionate team of builders. If you're ready to bring your A-game to our crazy-cool, work-from-anywhere startup, apply anyway. Just let us know in your cover letter how your transferable skills fit the bill. We know what we want, but we're down for you to shake things up and show us that you belong on our team!